Faith in Jesus comes first

Faith in Jesus comes first

Faith in Jesus


Above all

Don’t forget WHO it is about!


This site is all about theology and sound doctrine, hence the title of this blog – but first and foremost it is about faith in Jesus.

All theology, all doctrine, of the Christian sort, needs to not only be based upon the Bible (and I will argue the case for this in an up-coming blog) but, more importantly, upon knowing Jesus.

I believe that theology and doctrine (and I will explain the difference elsewhere) can only be done by Christians (this also I will argue for elsewhere – but this is not the point of this entry).

As Christians we can get ourselves hot under the collar wanting to defend the faith or we want to be those who really know what we believe and be right – and these are praise-worthy – however we can lose sight of our first calling which is to love Jesus (Revelation 2:4 (NKJV) 4Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.) Our relationship with Jesus is what matters.  This needs to be our top priority.  Not study, not reading, not being active but laying aside all for the precious knowledge, the knowing of Jesus, to know even as we are known.

When I consider Isaiah standing before God in Chapter 6: Holy, holy, holy.  He is seeing Jesus high and lifted up.  Woe is me! Isaiah declares.  He realises his sinfulness, realises he is unworthy to stand before Almighty God.  And he is right – none of us are.  But, only by grace can we enter, and we can enter His presence with boldness because of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, laying His life down to death on a cross.  All so that we could be reconciled and made right with God.  How is it that we love him so little having been forgiven so much?  How is it we do not take every opportunity to thank Him and spend time with Him for this is His desire.  Let us draw near to God in full assurance of faith.

The question for us today and tomorrow is not how well we can argue our point and be right – the point is – how much time have we spent with Jesus?

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