Minefield or a Mind-field? An Introduction to an introduction to Theology

Minefield or a Mind-field? An Introduction to an introduction to Theology

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Minefield or a Mind-field? An Introduction to an Introduction to Theology

The line above is surely a trick question… surely it isn’t minefield OR a mind-field but a minefield AND a mind-field!  That’s why this is one of the few subjects that could have an introduction to an Introduction about theology!

Before we even start on a subject like this there are so many pitfalls to avoid but though this subject is so very large does not mean that we should not embark on this adventure.  Even the intro could go to hundreds of pages as I note in some theologian’s works (hint Geisler)

Of course, one of the things we need to set out are presuppositions.  These are totally unavoidable because we all have them.  So, you need to know mine – do you know yours?

My largest presupposition is that God exists.  I am not a Thomist (a follower of Thomas Aquinas) in their thinking in seeking to prove the existence of God though I will set out these things in the Bibliology section of this site under the sub-section of General Revelation.  My next presupposition is that God has revealed himself.  And lastly, I believe He has revealed Himself supremely through Jesus Christ and in the written word known as the Bible.

Many have whiled away the hours setting out each of these and of course, it is my intention to do so too!  However, for this Intro to the Intro, for that is what it is I wanted to give a heads-up on the way I will be going about posting items on this blog.

This blog will gradually have some static pages added to it which will form the basis of a systematic theology that is going to take many years to complete.  I’d rather it be a quick exercise but all good things come to those who wait…or should that say ‘work’?!

In the meantime I will post my latest thoughts and most of these to start with will form the Intro to Theology and Bibliology – Bibliology being the study of the Bible.  This is not a Bible-study in the usual sense of the word though it will thoroughly use the Bible as its text.  The study of the Bible will consist of How God reveals Himself, the Authority, Inspiration and Illumination of the Scriptures.  Scriptures is another word for Bible and the Bible is known also as the Word of God.

Theology is the Study of God.

So, as we can see it is not simply a minefield or a mind-field but both.

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