I am curious as to why so many of the Reformed Tradition in their Systematic Theologies are so critical of others (I’ve decided not to name and shame) who also take God’s Word as the ultimate source of authority (Sola Scriptura) and drag down such who are also seeking to know God, His will and the things revealed by the Holy Spirit of God.  [I am not talking about those who do not regard Scripture as a Christian’s authority though even here still have to be careful of HOW we judge].

It seems that other genuine Christians are being treated as heretics and non-Christians just because of a difference of understanding.  I believe that such an attitude is itself heresy.  Oh, there are heretics and such should be exposed as such but generally these are those who put on the cloak of being a Christian but their teaching reveals they are nothing but wolves in sheep’ clothing.  There are definite things we should all believe as Christians but we are pilgrims together  with the whole true Christian witness; present, past and in all places.

The truth that is revealed in part to one group may be revealed in another part to another group as happened during the Reformation.  Of course not all of those who call themselves Christians are Christian as Jesus made plain – many will call Him ‘Lord, Lord’ but he will declare He never knew them.  Let us judge aright.

We do not agree on everything. I do not call myself either Reformed or Arminian as if these are the boundaries we should establish between us (and actually I have issues in both camps in their respective Systematic Theologies but glad to get a rounded perspective on Scripture even if I do disagree from time-to-time – however I do also make it clear I am not a liberal), and generally it is true that there is only one ‘right’ answer – but we should treat each other with grace, for God reveals things that are hidden from academics and reveals them instead to children!  Whether we have a high IQ or a low one – everything we have comes from God.  Let us be so careful of Spiritual pride.  And we need, yes, need each other.

Let all things be done for GOD’s glory.

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